Why Employers Should Seriously Consider Career Changers and 6 Ways to Hire Them


Why Employers Should Seriously Consider Career Changers and 6 Ways to Hire Them


Hiring career changers is a win-win situation for companies. These applicants can be valuable and great team workers for your company. Since they have demonstrated their ability to succeed in the past, they tend to work diligently in their new position, just as they did with their previous role. However, you should not just hire based on a rigid requirements checklist. Instead, focus more on the skills that could benefit your company and the role they are trying to fill. It’s probably a mystery to you as an employer why they switched jobs. Is it worth hiring them? Don’t worry. You’ll get answers in this article and tips on hiring them.


Why do people change careers?

The number of people changing careers continues to rise over time due to a few factors:



The International Monetary Fund stated that global inflation will fall in 2023 and 2024 as economic growth slows. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted the worldwide economy and may contribute to inflation in 2023. This inflation contributes to workers looking for new job opportunities that offer them higher wages or better benefits because the cost of living rises.


Trying to pursue passion or interest

Besides that, some individuals change their jobs to pursue something they are passionate about or have always been interested in. Work aligned with a person’s interests and values can increase job satisfaction and fulfillment. In addition, it will increase motivation, engagement, and a sense of purpose in their work.


Toxic workplace or company culture

Following that, a toxic workplace or company culture can be a factor in people shifting careers. For instance, employees may feel undervalued, unappreciated, and unsupported in a toxic workplace, leading to burnout, high turnover, and even mental health issues. In such situations, employees may change their careers to find a healthier work environment that aligns with their values and allows them to feel valued and respected.

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Reasons to hire a career shifter

As you can see in this survey, the highest average number of people who tend to change their job is between 18 to 24 years old. It means that career shifters are a widespread occurrence among youngsters. Sometimes, it is suitable for your company to hire a young career changer, but it depends on the individual and the specific job requirements. Having a career changer on your team will have these benefits:


They can be more adaptable and flexible

Employees with adaptability and flexibility are valuable to your company because they have demonstrated their ability to adapt to new environments and learn quickly, which makes them valuable assets to any team. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, employees need to be able to adapt to new situations and handle changes. Those with these traits can easily carry gears and take new projects or roles to your business.


They have unique perspectives and skills

Fortunately, career changers can bring unique perspectives and skills to your most beneficial organization. They may have accumulated a wide range of experiences and skills in other industries or roles, which can provide fresh insight and new ideas. Career changers may bring unique perspectives and skills to a new position, including innovation and creativity skills. For instance, they can see things from a new perspective or approach problems in novel ways, which can help your company be more competitive with other companies.


They have a strong work ethic

Job shifters are frequently highly motivated and determined to succeed in their new profession, which can translate into a strong work ethic and a willingness to go above and beyond to accomplish their goals. A strong work ethic benefits your business by increasing productivity, dependability, teamwork, professionalism, and positive company culture. In the meantime, this can enhance your company’s reputation.

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6 Ways to attract career changers

Hiring career changers can be good for a company in many ways. As mentioned earlier, they can bring diverse perspectives, transferable skills, adaptability, and motivation to the company. Now let’s talk about how to attract career changers to your company:

  1. Rework your job descriptions – transferable skills in career changers

If you want career changers to notice your job advertising, you need to rework your job descriptions. In your job postings or recruitment materials, emphasize the transferable skills relevant to the position. That helps attract a wider pool of candidates from different industries who may have the necessary skills and experience, even if they don’t have a traditional background in the field.



  1. Offer attractive benefits – Flexible working arrangements, Work from home

Offering attractive benefits is an excellent way to captive and retain career shifters. You can show your company’s flexible working arrangements, such as working from home. It’s the best offer you should include. This offer particularly appeals to career changers who might have family, pursue study, or have commuting or relocating concerns requiring them to have more flexible schedules.


  1. Support development, Re-training and upskilling programs

Career changers often need to acquire new skills and knowledge to succeed in their new field. In addition, they may be more likely to consider an employer offering training and development opportunities to help them transition. By providing support development, re-training, and upskilling programs, you can demonstrate a commitment to your employees’ career growth and development, which can be an attractive selling point for someone that wants to change their job.


  1. Look in new places – Try new features/Tools on recruitment platform

In this age of advanced technology, you must be active in new places to recruit team members because the job market is constantly changing, and job seekers are looking for new ways to connect with potential employers. You should try new features for your recruitment platforms like Frontpage Premium Listing or Featured Job Employer Posts on Job Portals. For example, at JobMaster, employers can subscribe to different packages that include these features. By trying this job portal, you can increase the visibility of your job posting and attract a larger pool of qualified candidates.

  1. Rethink how you review applications – Diversity and inclusion initiatives

A hiring process focusing on candidates’ skills and experience rather than their characteristics can appeal to career shifters by rethinking how you review applications. Diversity and inclusion initiatives are crucial for creating a fair and equitable hiring process. Career changers can often feel discriminated against during the hiring process because they may need the exact qualifications or experience that the company is looking for in a typical candidate. Due to this, they’ll be interested in finding an employer that can value them with fairness.

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  1. Internships and apprenticeships

Lastly, it’s good for both the company and the job changer to do internships and apprenticeships. The career changer gains valuable experience and training, while your company benefits from the job shifters’ new skills and perspectives. Furthermore, it can help bridge the gap between the candidate’s experience and the job’s specific requirements.


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