Unlocking Singapore’s Employment Opportunities Thru an Online Job Portal

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Online job portals are popular and convenient for job seekers since they allow them to find jobs remotely. Today, we’ll go over all the online job portals in Singapore and how they support job seekers in this city-state brimming with opportunity! Our goal is to be a helpful resource for locals and ex-pats, so we’ll discuss Singapore’s various online job portals and how you can make the most of them. So let’s get started!

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Explore trending job searches in Singapore

One of the best ways to find new jobs, based on your CV and employment history, is by checking the trending job searches. By checking this section for new jobs, you can easily explore growing industries and even come across top companies hiring for open positions. It’s also an excellent way to check out multiple jobs in one place without spending too much time tweaking your previous searches.

How to use Trending Searches for your job search

Most (if not all) job portals will have a section dedicated to “trending” or “popular” openings that show real-time and in-demand job postings. While personal job recommendations come on their own, you have to play with the filters for trending job searches. So you would adjust your location filter, industry filter, and job type by function. So don’t ignore the filters; make your search specific and only see what you need. This makes it much easier to find the perfect role for you!

This function allows candidates to narrow their search and find relevant openings. And interested recruiters can find people with the exact skills they need.

What You Should Look for in an Online Job Portal Singapore

Now more than ever, there are multiple job portals online. But many of them lack the necessary features, or they don’t have the opportunities from top companies or industries. Or there’s no convenient way to upload your resume, even if job alert emails are available but not helpful. So let’s review what to look for and then discuss which platforms will make your job search easy.

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Trust and Safety for Legitimate Recruiters and Employers

Before you are too deep into your job search, it’s important to remember that you only apply where proper precautions are taken. You wouldn’t want your CV and employment history shared with illegitimate enterprises or scammers.

Whichever job portal you explore, ensure there is some verification or security measure to ensure the job posted is from an actual business.

Personal Job Recommendations

Since you can’t track every relevant opening, receiving personal job recommendations is another critical feature to watch. You might assume some companies aren’t hiring if their openings use different search terms. This prevents those jobs from appearing in previous searches. But if there’s an algorithm to send you recommended jobs based on your most recent search, it makes life easier.

If this algorithm is well optimized, your job alert emails will also reflect this, informing you of multiple jobs based on your recent search history.

Match Your Skills

Building on this point, you also want those recommended jobs relevant to your employment history, making the search easy. For example, you wouldn’t want recommended jobs based on companies you’ve already worked for. Most people prefer to search for new opportunities in new companies, and some might be searching for a bilingual job platform.

At the same time, you also don’t want to be recommended for jobs which require different skills from the ones associated with your profile. If a recruiter has posted an opening for engineering, accountants shouldn’t be recommended for that particular post.

Quick Apply

This is another quality-of-life feature. It only requires one click to send your resume to the job post you are interested in. Recruiters then get your resume for easy perusal. When going over many jobs at a time, the quick application is a convenient feature and allows you to apply to more jobs than you would otherwise.

While not every company opts for quick applications, the ones that do make the job search easy and help you save on time considerably.

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Top Recruitment Portals in Singapore

Now that you’re well-informed on how to vet different job portals let’s review the most highly recommended ones in Singapore. After all, this is meant to be an all-in-one resource with all the information you need while looking for jobs.

The Best Job Search Portal in Singapore

The best option for finding jobs in Singapore would have to be JobMaster. They offer complete transparency and share pertinent information regarding the employers they work with and the services they offer. Not only that, but you can even build your resume to increase the odds of standing out to recruiters.

They connect enthusiastic candidates with employers that are SMEs (small to medium-sized businesses). These are great companies to start your career with and, for more experienced workers, a great way to cement their expertise and knowledge.

Compared to Other more mature online job portals in Singapore, JobMaster indeed gives you an advantage over other platforms because it’s a new blue ocean for employers fighting for talent and there are employer subscription tools available on this up and coming online job portal that allows job postings to be prominently featured on the front page with fast email notifications when there is a new job application.

Likewise, job hunters can opt for a talent featured subscription for premium benefits to get active promotion by JobMaster to potential employers for faster and higher chances of securing employment.

Make Your Job Search Easy Today!

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Now that you have all the necessary information, you can easily start your job search today! If you’ve read all the way here, you can quickly identify the best way to find a reliable and legitimate job portal and the features to use.

While finding jobs can be pretty time-consuming, with a proper job portal supporting your search, you can capitalize on opportunities that complement you in no time!

The perfect role will find you; make sure you don’t get discouraged on the way. Good things come to those who wait, after all, so good luck searching for jobs and remember to come back here if you need a refresher on the basics and essentials!