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Employers will be able to browse through all Job Seekers and reach out to them

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Likewise, job seekers will be able to visit the profiles of potential employers. If they are extremely eager to work for an organisation, they may reach out directly to their profile

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Let us feature and promote your profile and/or job openings on your behalf for a small fee.  Enjoy increased publicity and presence on JobMaster as we put a spotlight on your profile

About JobMaster

JobMaster is a Singapore-based online job advertising portal catering to both job seekers and local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are in dire need of motivated and dependable employees. We envisioned Job Master as a lifeline for local SMEs as it allows for them to maximise cost savings when advertising on our platform, which charges less exorbitant fees as compared to other platforms.

We also wish to offer a helping hand to job seekers who are having a lack of success in finding a job. We understand that the job process can be arduous for applicants as they have to send out countless applications. During the traditional job seeking process, most of these jobs applications are outright ignored and the job applicant is left hanging- without any results to show for their hard work.

JobMaster strives to be as inclusive as possible. We believe that language should not be a limiting factor as there are many capable individuals out there whom do not have a good command of the English Language. Thus, JobMaster would be available in both English and Chinese, so that we can connect both SMEs and job seekers alike that are not as proficient in English.

  • To provide an effective job platform that helps both employers and job-seekers to achieve their hiring/career objectives
    1. To help employers minimize high advertising costs in the current job advertising market as well as connect them to aspiring candidates whom are potentially capable of elevating their businesses to unprecedented heights
    2. To create job opportunities for job seekers by promoting and highlighting their CVs and profiles to prospective employers. This alleviates the burden and stress on job seekers who stand a higher chance at being noticed by employers than before.

    1. Hope: We aim to revitalize hope in the hearts of despondent or desperate job seekers or employers whom are adversely affected by bleak economic conditions.
    2. Service: We are committed to going the extra mile in delivering only the highest quality of service to our both job seekers and employers alike.
    3. Integrity: The cornerstone of all core values. Morality does not exist without integrity. We established Job Master from an altruistic and honest position to lend aid to local companies who are struggling with manpower issues. Simultaneously, we seek to build trust and rapport with job hunters by connecting them with these companies who can unlock their true potential.
    4. Dependability: Being dependable or reliable is absolutely essential when it comes to pairing prospective employers and job seekers. JobMaster is always active in promoting a compatible applicant to a prospective employer. Each successful hire will be a testament to our dependability, we strive for nothing less than perfection when it comes to response times, actively promoting job applicants, and liaising employers with suitable job seekers. 
    5. Fulfilment: Having had a first-hand perspective of how difficult it is for smaller companies to thrive in a difficult economic climate, JobMaster aims to alleviate their burdens. Likewise, the job-hunting process for job seekers is also relatively gruelling as well, with many job applicants feeling disheartened after multiple rejections. It is our motto to fulfil the needs of these parties by uniting them via a cost-effective recruitment platform.